Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's been a long time a comin'

It really has! I believe 2 whole years have passed since I last blogged anything, which is really a cryin' shame - for me that is. It is a shame since I enjoy this creative outlet a whole lot!
Thankfully, I have my wonderful bakery friends to remind me that writing is a good way to feed my soul and for encouraging me to continue, so THANKs guys! (you know who you are ;-)

Looking back over the things I have written in the past I can see that in some ways things change so incredibly fast, yet some things remain constant. Our family is growing and changing...allow me to clarify, "growing" as in growing up... not expanding in numbers - I don't want to be the next Sunny South news headline .. "Crazy Mennonite woman - leaves bakery life for one more bumpy ride on the baby train" ACH! Perish the thought ;-) The changes and growth I am referring to are things like graduations, puberty, athletic accomplishments, drivers licenses...and babies in grade three. that play football..did I mention.. our tiny little baby started grade three and plays football??? It's just not right. Nevertheless, amid all the changes, some things still remain. Our Faith, values, beliefs, interests and core relationships are mostly in tact. This is encouraging to me. Lately I've been reflecting a fair bit on "where I'm at in life"... "oh dear" you say ---"NO", you can relax..I'm certain I hear a collective groan around cyberspace from my imaginary audience. It's not really all that in depth or involved, I've been thinking about the fact that I am incredibly blessed.. blessed with fantastic family - children who amaze me every day, friends and co-workers - unbelievably and oddly enough, all of these categories overlap. I am blessed with hobbies that I enjoy that make my life full and rich, blessed with health, blessed with resources, blessed with my favorite things like wine and cookies, and occasional moments of peace and quiet where i can engage in said activities like running, singing, reading, writing and cooking, blessed with a relationship with my husband that continues to evolve - i know this is family, but it's a different "sort' of family, so Jamie - you get your own category! All in all, I can honestly say "I am richly blessed". As I dawdle along the path towards middle age taking a mental inventory of where i am and where I've been, I'm learning to relax, let the little things slide, stop trying to be something that I am not, stop trying to meet some perfect "churchy" or "worky' ideal but yet somehow figure out what is important and still strive to improve myself on that level - not because society expects it, or because it will impress someone, but because it involves becoming the woman of God that i know God wants me to be and based on that, that I want to be. So I suppose the purpose of this post is a bit redundant, I'm merely posting to begin posting. I have no set plan of how often I'd like to post and the newer.. nearing 40 me doesn't care so much about stressing herself out with a post every day or a new insight full thought bi-weekly. The new almost 40ish Bonnie would like to use this outlet when she has something to say. It doesn't matter if no one wants to read it, it doesn't matter if it is updated once a day, week, hour, month, or year what matters most are two things, growth that inspires change for the sake of betterment, not for the sake of outside influences and the things that remain the same ; Faith, values, beliefs and core relationships. If writing inspires me to remain the same in those aspects or to change in things that actually matter or simply to voice an opinion or an inspired recipie then I am going to do so, if for no other reason than to resonate the thought that I am truly blessed and to push away any other misgivings, self-doubt or cranky ungrateful thoughts that often plague my conciousness.. be gone nastiness.. hello gratefull , inspired heart:-)