Friday, October 26, 2007

The Big Dunk!

My all time favorite baptism story is this:
A young friend of our family went home the Sunday after Jamie was baptised and was having a discussion about the morning's service with her mom, who had not attended. Her mother asked her how the service was, and if anything memorable had happened. To this her daughter promptly replied : "Well mom, it was really weird. Jamie got up and said some stuff, and I think he must've said something wrong because after he was done, they stuck his head under the water!" When we heard this story we began laughing, and I don't think we've stopped yet, it was hilarious! Nevertheless, on a more serious note I am sooooo excited that Carol is getting baptised! I find it absolutely fantastic to see the way that God is working in her life! She is a woman of incredible strength and I am extremely proud of her for all that she has come through and the amazing woman she is! So, I found this poem for her, and I thought I'd share it all around!
It takes a lot of courage
To be baptized in His name
To die to the old self
And be forever changed
May God bless your life
For stepping out for Him
Proclaiming unto others
The faith you have within.
© By M.S.Lowndes
Carol - I love you and I'm proud of you! I know it won't be easy always, and sometimes life in general seems like God is completely absent, but he promises that he will never leave us or forsake us, and I'll stop now lest I begin to sound trite. I think baptism is important for Christians because it is a public confession of what we believe and a visible step of obedience to God, proclaiming that you intend to die to all of your old self and sinful nature, and try - try - and try again to follow him. Good Luck and God Bless you and Gladys on Sunday. My thoughts and prayers are with you, and I really wish I could be there!

Friday, October 19, 2007

My Knight in Shinning Armor

Space Ranger BennieJ

O.K, so my Knight in Shinning armor declares himself a space ranger, has a paper towel "mask", carries a flipper slash sword, and swears he won't defend me - even if the alien forces are closing in (heck, he won't even open his eyes!)... I think he's really dashing, and at least he's having fun... outside! Yes this is the kid who just a few weeks ago announced that "actually mom, I am allergic to fresh air" geepers, what a goof! Man I love that guy! Even if he won't protect me... I was responsible for reducing his weapon choices from sword slash killing implement to well.... a flipper. But what if the alien forces had eggs????

Thursday, October 18, 2007

He's resourcfull... and funny

After 20 years of faithfull service to the Coaldale and District Fire Department a volunteer can expect to be honored with a very special statue. A new prototype of this statue was recently delivered to the the firehall for approval, and an estimate given as to the cost of casting this bronze, the price was out of this world! Here is a picture of the Beautiful statue awaiting aproval, ready to be cast into bronze.

My dear husband being the frugal, practical man that he is, noting the price of the statue was shocked. Suddenly his artisic abilities, and creativity kicked in. Noting the deficiency of family funds being aloted to his "EMR School fund", he devised an plan, and created a way to save the firehall thousands of dollars, thus allowing them to attribute these monies to his ever so noble cause. Let me now introduce to you.....

"Billy Blazes in Bronze" - by JC Edition #12, Series #1

And who said I didn't marry a creative genius.. this well thought out, brilliantly creative work of art will save our fair town thousands of dollars! It is worth noting Billy's glorious sheen, handy movable limbs, full bronze gear and rounded hand for inserting various possibly seasonal paraphanalia. I ask you... frugal genius.... or scheming nutcase... well, maybe a bit of both, but gosh darn, that's why I love that guy!

A last glimpse at the competition... side by side !

Friday, October 12, 2007

A visit from an old friend - and a birthday wish!

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised by a visit from an old friend... well, the friend wasn't old, just the friendship- over the last 7 or 8 years we had kind of lost touch, for no apparant reason. Then yesterday, there she was to inspire me. This particular gal used to stop by to visit frequently and our toddler children would run amok as we whiled away the hours visiting, and I must say yesterday was just like old times, only I was truly inspired by the passion and love with which she spoke of her kids.... so here comes the crux for me. Her daughter is in figure skating with Taylor. We (Jamie and I) agreed a few years back to let the ice princess have her reign. I have never been a very good "sports" mom and have talked about this before, I know. I don't like to compare, generally I feel quite inadiquate. I don't like my kids to think that their activity is the sole source of lifes outpouring for all of mankind. I don't like to chase small children around the ice rink or any other such sports facility, and contrary to popular belief I'm really afraid of small talk... unless I'm in the kitchen, therefore.... and here comes my latest confession.... "I don't watch Taylor's skating, generally I don't watch most of my kids practices." I show up and cheer louder than everyone else at competitions, or carnivals or games (if the sport is like that), but I don't spend countless hours lacing skates, or whining on the sidelines. I'm generally at home trying to make the rest of my house function, or catching a bit of down time before bakery babe needs to morph into taxi mom. So, yesterday I was challenged. My old friend made me honestly examine my motives for staying away and helped me recognize how much it would mean to the kids if I expended the extra effort that it would take to get my chubby butt there... for a little bit. What? You mean I could show up for a while... do it in moderation... it's not all or nothing? O.K, Thanks Miss Vickie for the inspiration - even if you didn't know you were inspiring. I enjoyed a renewed friendship and hope it continues and I appreciated the challenge.
On a side note.... but very happy one.... baby #2 is 13 today!!!!! Happy birthday Tannis!!!! We are soooo proud of you and love you soooooo much! You are fun, crazy, caring, thoughtful and a hard worker and I am very lucky to have a fantastic daughter like you!!!!! Have fun at camp... We will miss you!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Puke Catcher

I think we should add puke catching at the next olympics -- with child number 3 puking her guts out for the entire day I am becoming quite the expert. After a week of various vomiters, the flu is obviously taking it's tole on my home. I feel like a walking zombie with bleach burned hands, nevertheless, I was reminded this afternoon why I do what I do, and why I shouldn't complain when I heard Ben say to me: " I need to sit here mommy, because when Taylor calls I'm going to run, I'm good at taking care of her." He proceeded to fetch her water and come running when she was woofing her cookies to see what he could do to help.... is that some empathy i'm detecting!!!! The sun is shining through the clouds --- I love my kids!