Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Graduates

So.... First off! T#1 has officially completed Grade 8 .This is her Certificate of Recognition for her accomplishments and contributions in Choir, Cross Country, Handbell, Track and Field, and Drama! Way to go Taylor, we're proud of you! No more middle school.

Secondly... C is now officially finished
Elementary School! Congrats.. he is on his
way to Middle School!!! Connor is currently celebrating this milestone by having a homework burning bonfire with all of his friends.

I, am ready to do some fun summer stuff with the kids.... first stop Fairmont B.C.!!! I can't wait! Two more days till we leave on official vacation.

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Outgoing... said...

welcome to the blogger world
and congrats to your kids they really are alot of fun - - - - - i hope you have a great time in fairmont