Friday, January 18, 2008


I don't know how it is that an entire week can pass and I have nothing to say!!! I mean really, this is me we're dealing with! Nothing to say??? hmmm... probably I am the most talkative, o.k, noisy, obnoxious person on the planet, yet when it comes time to try to say something profound, or that sounds moderately interesting about my life... hmmm.... I got nothin'. This is what's been up lateley. Saw a couple movies: "The Nanny Diaries" Scarlette Johansen is hot, but the movie, not so much, O.K, just not fantastic. Saw "Hairspray" LOVED ITTTTTTT!!! Loved every obnoxious song!!!! Especially when the mr. and mrs. tunblad, are singing to each other... awwwww! My most current pet peeve, is my cats.... when you open the door for them because they are meowing like the house is on fire, and they stand there staring at the -40 degree weather, with their tail in the air and then turn around and walk back in..I know how they feel, I'm a little jelous that there is nothing beyond these doors that is so important that they need to brave the weather, none the less, it is irritating, and still..... they haven't "done their buisness" hmmmm. We're still eating healthy... impressive huh? Also, I am still hitting the virtual track... not bad eh? We're three weeks into it and this week I have run 16 miles, I love it.... when it's over! Actually my biggest new years resolution was to not hit snooze.... EVER! Still good on that one, I figure snooze is slowly robbing my life! Nevertheless, I still can't manage to leave for work on time. Well, there is always next years resolutions. Oh, yeah and the healthy thing, I've got a few great recipies that we've come accross, like last nights dinner when my parents were over..... Jambalaya, "simple" salmon (has become a staple), and a yummy tirimasu type dessert that is NOT on my eating healthy list! Kids, let seee...... Tannis is FURIOUS with us bcause we won't let her go skiing on a bus to westcastle with her friend and said friend's 16 year old brother for the day.... Uh..... NO! We've got tears, whinning, gnashing of teeth! Veeeery unlike Tannis, but still.... NO. Finally Jamie has made peace by offering to take them skiing over Feb break, whew, crisis averted, are we unreasonable??? Actually, I don't care, the answer is still NO, no daytrips to other cities, ski hills, towns, countries when you're 13, sorry... nope :-) Taylor is writing exams... lots of days off, I think she will enjoy them... study??? we'll see. Connor, is back from skiing with the Bezooyens, and had a blast... yes, Connor got to go... with a FAMILY! He had fun and is still recovering. Ben has learned to count to ONE HUNDRED!!!! It is wayyyy cute, but difficult to listen to AGAIN! Jamie is loving school, and our new routine, if only he could get paid for going to school! Really everything is just honkey dorey here, boring, boring, but that's what I love. So, that's our little corner of the world for this week, Peace out! I'm off to work... 15 min to shower and get there... oops :-)

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