Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter from the Egg Family!

Meet our Egg Family!

Baby Stinkbreath - This egg is an evil space alien. He has one eye, 2 feet, and one very large hand protruding from his foot. He is going to destroy the whole egg planet.
Her name is Kimmie. She is the hottest egg eva', nevertheless she will probably crack due to the evil scheming powers of baby stinkbreath.
Gerardo - is a lonesome, but sophisticated buisnessman who lives in an apartment by himself. He's looking for a date.
Miss Yokelmire - is an eccentric, fun loving Mom.
Wendy - Loves to shop, her favorie color is pink and she's an eggstraterestrial!

Happy Easter From the Egg Family, also from Ben, Taylor, Tannis, Mc Kenna and I!!!!

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