Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Well, I'd just like to say that if Ann Murray is correct and the answer is indeed "blowing in the wind..." I am pretty sure we have got all the answers in this little corner of the world! This picture is just a tiny glimpse into how incredibly windy it was today... This is our front lawn... yes, I do mean LAWN!

The property accross from us was razed for construction recently and therefore there is no longer any grass to hold down the dirt... gross, eh? It looks like the Sahara in my front yard.. I'll try not to look.
So... by now you've noticed... I got SPOILED!!! Carol sent us a new camera.. I feel like a pooper for complaining that I missed the other one, but on the other hand I am SOOO excited, and just in time for the kid's play this weekend, and our road trip to Calgary on Thursday for Avril. Get ready for photo/extravaganza. For today, I settled on the big news only... 1. The dessert sands come to Coaldale. 2. Fridge art:

I suppose you can't read our crazy acrostic about our family that we have arranged with the magnetic scrabble letters that we created, but you'll have to trust me when I tell you just how cool they really are! Cool as well, is Ben's picture of a monster posted below the letters... impressive, I know... Picasso, look out! And finally 3. Yes I did make a totally new funky recipie with ingredients we don't normally incorporate into our diet, and yes indeed it was healthy and full of antioxidants and dang was it good.. we really liked it.. Mangos and all!!!! WIERD!

It is called Brazillian Black Bean Stew, and it Rox! If you click on the title you can get the recipie... if i'm that coool - then you too, can make whacko, mango, sweet potato, healthy anti-oxident stew! Not sure if I was successful tho... Anyhow, Hope your day was as fulfilling as ours.. and hope you can get some sleep, cause the wind's not ROARING in your ears! Cheers!

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