Tuesday, August 14, 2007

poor, poor kitty

Our poor little kitties had to go to the vet and it is official. The little white one is forever christened... "handicat". Unfortunately, (maybe because mom was so young.. and a tramp) he was born with a few serious handicaps, he still can't walk, his legs are completely splayed. It is really sad to see him roll around on his tummy although he does seem quite content. His brother is quite normal but doesn't seem want to assume any responsibility for his well being. All jokes aside, the handibus is going to cost us a fortune. J made a comment that if only we could change his sexual orientation, we could possibly get government funding for his care and feeding, alas... we will wait and perform much carefull physiotherapy on the kitten.. the kids are still holding out hope. PLEASE DON't BE OFFENDED! I just couldn't stop giggling at the poor kitty's expense.. honest the only time he's unhappy is when we're giving him his medicine!

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