Monday, August 13, 2007

Sometimes Sundays are like that!?!

So, after a 65 hour work week, I've had it. Thursday night we catered a roast beef dinner for 120 ppl. Friday Evening we delivered 456 mini pastries and picked up two very tired girls from Summer camp, only to deliver one of them to a birthday party in the country. Then Saturday, we catered a Birthday party for another 120 ppl. Sunday, I was sleeping in!!!! Not! My ever loving husband decided that we needed to spend time together, since he is finished work at about 5am he waited till 8 to wake me up.... oops. Well, anyone who knows me knows that I value my sleep, sometimes to a fault (well, o.k, all the time to a fault, but keep in mind, I'm severely sleep deprived at this point). I'm pretty sure at this point you could have set of the bell that they ring at the beginning of a fight, bcause the fight was on. Unfortunately I can be a little bit of a ... well, cover your eyes all you wholesome folks out there, bcause I was a full out bitch. Once again, putting work and sleep in front of my family. Will I ever get my priorities straight. Anyhow, that isn't even the point of my story, so continuing on... Poor J as I will affectionately call him from here on in :-) made some sort of comment about the state of our house. (true, yet hurtful) Really, we're all piggies- especially the four little ones! I took offense and took off on a mad cleaning rampage. I spent 8 hours and I didn't make it past my kitchen!! I've got clean cupboards and drawers, and shinny surfaces (well, I did have.. you know how it goes) Nevertheless, there are still things, like my oven that I didn't get done. By 6pm I was less mad, and by 8:30 dinner was over, the kids were watching Harry Potter (we started the book on holidays and are now officially on the bandwagon... yes, I know, a different entry.... focus Bonnie!) Anyhow, J and I went for a walk and I felt better because I had accomplished much, today we made some good progress in the bedroom (cleaning I mean :-) ... teehee) and now it's on to the bathroom... I am armed and ready! Mom and Dad are coming for dinner and I will have prevailed!
Having said all of this, I am looking for help!!! A friend of mine used to subscribe to an internet site that had an actual schedule of how to keep up on the cleaning, every day gave her a small task and before you knew it you had worked your way through all the little things that get overlooked. I looked for it a bit yesterday, but to no avail, I can't remember what it was called and I don't know if she would even remember even if I did try to contact her, and after so many years, that might just be weird... anyhow, if you know of anything like this... PLEASE pass it on!
So, Cheers, I'm off to procrastinate my bathroom some more, anyone want to insult me to get me motivated :-).... AH, you're not as daring as he is are you????

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Kimberly said...

Hello dearie!

First, thanks for your kind comment on my blog!

Second, try (I think, could be net! or org! or something else, lol)

Third....honey, if you're going to procrastinate in the bathroom, do it in style! Bubbles, hot tea, a good book...that's how I do it! lol