Friday, October 19, 2007

My Knight in Shinning Armor

Space Ranger BennieJ

O.K, so my Knight in Shinning armor declares himself a space ranger, has a paper towel "mask", carries a flipper slash sword, and swears he won't defend me - even if the alien forces are closing in (heck, he won't even open his eyes!)... I think he's really dashing, and at least he's having fun... outside! Yes this is the kid who just a few weeks ago announced that "actually mom, I am allergic to fresh air" geepers, what a goof! Man I love that guy! Even if he won't protect me... I was responsible for reducing his weapon choices from sword slash killing implement to well.... a flipper. But what if the alien forces had eggs????


the walking man said...

Where was the shining knight when I was making my pancakes this morning? he could have been flipping as i was eating...dang knights anyway, I guess if they won't defend their mom and aren't around to flip the cakes what good are they...tell you what though i smoke cigarettes incessantly so i think I can make him desire fresh air anyway



wahzat!! said...

They have such wonderful imaginations.

Love it.