Friday, October 12, 2007

A visit from an old friend - and a birthday wish!

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised by a visit from an old friend... well, the friend wasn't old, just the friendship- over the last 7 or 8 years we had kind of lost touch, for no apparant reason. Then yesterday, there she was to inspire me. This particular gal used to stop by to visit frequently and our toddler children would run amok as we whiled away the hours visiting, and I must say yesterday was just like old times, only I was truly inspired by the passion and love with which she spoke of her kids.... so here comes the crux for me. Her daughter is in figure skating with Taylor. We (Jamie and I) agreed a few years back to let the ice princess have her reign. I have never been a very good "sports" mom and have talked about this before, I know. I don't like to compare, generally I feel quite inadiquate. I don't like my kids to think that their activity is the sole source of lifes outpouring for all of mankind. I don't like to chase small children around the ice rink or any other such sports facility, and contrary to popular belief I'm really afraid of small talk... unless I'm in the kitchen, therefore.... and here comes my latest confession.... "I don't watch Taylor's skating, generally I don't watch most of my kids practices." I show up and cheer louder than everyone else at competitions, or carnivals or games (if the sport is like that), but I don't spend countless hours lacing skates, or whining on the sidelines. I'm generally at home trying to make the rest of my house function, or catching a bit of down time before bakery babe needs to morph into taxi mom. So, yesterday I was challenged. My old friend made me honestly examine my motives for staying away and helped me recognize how much it would mean to the kids if I expended the extra effort that it would take to get my chubby butt there... for a little bit. What? You mean I could show up for a while... do it in moderation... it's not all or nothing? O.K, Thanks Miss Vickie for the inspiration - even if you didn't know you were inspiring. I enjoyed a renewed friendship and hope it continues and I appreciated the challenge.
On a side note.... but very happy one.... baby #2 is 13 today!!!!! Happy birthday Tannis!!!! We are soooo proud of you and love you soooooo much! You are fun, crazy, caring, thoughtful and a hard worker and I am very lucky to have a fantastic daughter like you!!!!! Have fun at camp... We will miss you!

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the walking man said...

Happy Birthday kid, it's official you are now an alien and will remain so for the next seven or eight years, but it is those years of being a creature from outer space that you will find you, the self that will turn to adult hood and from what I have read of your family so far...well let it be said that you will be an asset to the planet as opposed to a drag on it. Happiest of Birthdays.

Bonnie, you know what, I have to ask this is the kid going to skate better because you make an occasional practice? Or will she continue to grow in her sport with or without you there? Make decisions based on outcaomes both real and possible.

It's not like being at the bakery when half the world sleeps and keeping kith and kin together isn't a participation sport on it's own.