Thursday, October 18, 2007

He's resourcfull... and funny

After 20 years of faithfull service to the Coaldale and District Fire Department a volunteer can expect to be honored with a very special statue. A new prototype of this statue was recently delivered to the the firehall for approval, and an estimate given as to the cost of casting this bronze, the price was out of this world! Here is a picture of the Beautiful statue awaiting aproval, ready to be cast into bronze.

My dear husband being the frugal, practical man that he is, noting the price of the statue was shocked. Suddenly his artisic abilities, and creativity kicked in. Noting the deficiency of family funds being aloted to his "EMR School fund", he devised an plan, and created a way to save the firehall thousands of dollars, thus allowing them to attribute these monies to his ever so noble cause. Let me now introduce to you.....

"Billy Blazes in Bronze" - by JC Edition #12, Series #1

And who said I didn't marry a creative genius.. this well thought out, brilliantly creative work of art will save our fair town thousands of dollars! It is worth noting Billy's glorious sheen, handy movable limbs, full bronze gear and rounded hand for inserting various possibly seasonal paraphanalia. I ask you... frugal genius.... or scheming nutcase... well, maybe a bit of both, but gosh darn, that's why I love that guy!

A last glimpse at the competition... side by side !


the walking man said...

Why have a statue at all, a keg of beer a few films of past exploits and a good hosing down with the water cannon for the 20 year man aught to make him remember his years of service to the community.

A man of ideas I am



Outgoing... said...

Jamie you crack me up