Thursday, December 27, 2007

Are these yours mam?

It is not every day that you get to spend the wee hours of the morning idenitifying your feminine hygene products to the local constabulory. Last week In this order I embarassed myself by opening the door and anouncing "I surrender" in my pajamas to a perfect stranger policeman... who for the record was not the police man neighbor I thought I saw outside, and then was also treated to the grand adventure of identifying the contents of my purse which had been strewn down our sidewalk in some fiends mad rampage for cash. Really all that resulted was the loss of a few minor things a bit of cash (not enough to ruin Christmas) and the gain of a good story to tell. Word on the street is that they caught the theif after he terrorized the comunity with about 46 vehicles being rummaged through. All in all, I'm glad, and I've learned some lessons, which I will happily pass along to you...
1. Lock your vehicle
2. Don't leave your purse or feminine hygine in the vehicle... well, that one is debateable, due to this hilarious post I read a long time ago....
3. Always be polite, never atempt funny, when answering your door.
4. Never make assumptions
5. When the police want you to come out to their car they mean the back... however cool that may seem, it still makes one feel a little criminal.
6. Did I say lock your vehicle????
Anyhow, little Christmas lessons learned.

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