Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Day After....

Today settles in the ahhh.... all of the chaos is over. Kids are still treating their new treasures gingerly, the house is still relatively assembled, and family is still all together. New toys are a novelty, as is a peacefull morning enjoying the quiet. As with any other holiday this one had it's Lampoon moments... some that arent funny until after.... well after... actually I'm still waiting :-). Nevertheless, settling into the peace and quiet of a morning at home... feeling acute pains for the poor sods who have to trek to work at the mall, it truley seems like a peaceful world. We have yet another Christmas to reminisce upon, gifts exchanged, food eaten, kids one year older, it astounds me when we come upon this seasonal hubub how fast the years go by. Just when did I graduate from buying tiny little socks and baby toys for stockings to blowing the budget on cell phones and motorized scooters? Just when did an Christmas afternoon of Turkey dinner followed by naps and colicky babys turn into a fun afternoon of games and puzzles. Each season has it's own charm and like anyone else there are moments when I dream of a Christmas by the beach or a quiet moment alone with my significant other (of the Rescue Hero variety :-) by once again I am drawn to the theme for this entire space... savor the moment! Therefore, I have come up with a new list... shocker, I know Here they are ... the top ten Unconventional things that I am thankful for this Christmas... these things may seem whacko to you, but to me... they are part of the moment!

10. The worlds most hideously decorated tree... sparse lights, a few scattered ornaments, needles everywhere.
9. The really LOUD moments.. ear drum splitting, floor pounding, kid squealing noise!
8. A wicked case of indigestion and bloating. - We really are a gluttenous society!
7. Garbage, Garbage and more garbage - wrapping, stuffing, bows, boxes etc.!
6. Stinky kids that haven't spared a moment from family time to .... SHOWER!!! - today is the day!
5. The brown mud outside that is evidence of the chinook that brought us some unseasonally warm weather.
4. Caffine induced halucinations that are a symptom of too much coffee in the morning.
3. Hyperactive bouncy, silly, giggly menaces to society, we call children on an extreme overdose of sugar.
2. Crumbs... and lots of them inbetween the couch cushions.
1. Early thoughts of broken new years resolutions... I really must be crazy, there is just something appealing about that whole fresh start, blank page thing that makes me want to.... start afresh, only to screw up I'm sure, but still, there is always hope :-)

So, there they are in no particular order, the crazy nutty, unconventional things that I am thankful for, now, off to laundry and in-laws... whew, good thing I had those few uplifing moments first :-) Cheers!

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