Saturday, December 29, 2007

The sometimes wonderful Land of Hand-me-downs

I just had the rare treat of walking into a living room that looked like a tornado ravaged Value Village. Purses, belts, clothes of all varieties... Oh my word! I didn't know ANYONE posessed this many clothes, and now we do... thus we call them hand-me-downs from a cousin in Medicine Hat. Sometime in the hours that I was at work some loving relative innocently deposited many garbage bags of these fun treats in the centre of our home. Therefore, when I arrived home I had one girl sleeping with the sheer exhaustion of overturning the entire living room and making it appear asv though it were carpeted in womens wear... I kid you not, there are winter garments, undergarments, over garments, sporty garments, dressy garments, and even some garments that I can not figure out. OH, yes and the other daughter sat amid the chaos with eyes glassed over and murmered somthing about sizes and piles. Well, well, well, another fun filled day at the epicentre of fun. Now I really need to go and find some room for my new finds, I should also lead Tannis toward the light and towards her closet as well, all this sorting has made me kind of tired!

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