Saturday, December 8, 2007

My very own Rescue Hero

So... Here it is! Some of you may have heard already since this happened last week, and well, I've talked about it alot!!!! Jamie saved someone's life!! I mean really! Not just figuratively, really!!! I know, I'm really lucky to be married to a real live rescue hero. It all came about one snowy morning after he dropped Ben off to school, he was meandering on home to enjoy some coffee and quiet time when he noticed an unusual site on the side of the road. There was a gentleman lying face down on the sidewalk and another standing over him. Being the super-hero that he is, he stopped the van assessed the situation, determined that the man had no vital signs and began CPR, telling himself all the while to keep on going that these situations rarely turn around, when suddenly.... they did! The man resumed breathing and his heart began to beat again. The rest happened after the ambulance arrived and therefore I can't talk about the rest, nevertheless, word on the street is... the man is going to make it, and I'm super duper proud of him.

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