Sunday, September 2, 2007

My Secret Shame - and I'm blaming "fly lady"

So, as most of you know, I have totally bought into the "Fly Lady" cult. I absolutely love it, and it is a sytem that (for now :-) is really working for me! One of the favorite things that I have learned is the importance of a shiny sink. I know, that sounds pretty ridiculous, but with 6 of us in our little house, it does'nt take any time for the dishes to pile up, just one or two cups on the counter make the entire kitchen look messy. Therefore the "fly lady" suggests that a gal get a bin under the sink in wich to store some of these unmentionables before they pile up. Works like a charm! So, being me, I was very proud of this new system and eager to show people how great it is, after all, my house is now 9 times out of 10 company ready. Show off time came when my mom and dad came over for dinner:
"Tada!" I exclaimed

There before us was my shiny sink and bare counter top. She was visibly impressed. (insert oohs and ahhs here.) Then came my moment of shame. I proudly flung open my cupboard door to show this stroke of genius, the bin below where we now keep our secret cache of dirty dishes before the time comes to cleanse them from their vile filth :-)

Judging by the look on my mother's face you would think that I had just let her take a glimpse of our secret stash of porn, or stood in the middle of the street and mooned the pastor! She covered very well once she realized that this was a system that was working for us and that I was actually "proud" of this ridiculous debacle. Her face underwent an extreme transformation from shock and horror to ... well somthing else, in two point five seconds flat... impressive. She smiled, nodded, and feighned interest in my crazy scheme. "Well," I thought "I might be able to impress some, and it might work for me.... but I guess I haven't quite arrived". So, there you have it dishes and shame from the fly lady cult. Really, it's all quite enjoyable, and a clean, de-cluttered house is working for us.... for now :-)


melindatsura said...

I FLYLADY too! Doesn't she have a fantastic system? I'm not keen on the 10000 email messages each day (reminding to eat breakfast, gather library books, bless my heart, etc.) but I LOVE her philosophy. I ought to take a picture of our dishes under the sink too!

Do you own her big pouffy feather duster? It's the best.
~much love, Melinda MW

the walking man said...

Walking Man Philosophy...don't like the way my house looks, stay in the yard, which looks in it's own way no better than the interior so you know the next place you can stay after that...away.



Leslie said...

I love it! Great idea! I also love a clean sink! And I love your wall behind the sink. Is that tile?