Sunday, September 16, 2007

What happens in Vegas.... :-)

So, now that I am fully recovered from my whirlwind trip to Vegas I want to write about it so that I remember every detail!!!
Saturday night upon our arrival from a perfectly uneventful flight... I didn't even get strip searched... Geez, what does a girl have to do to have a little fun at the border??? (teehee - just joking!!!) Anyhow, once we arrived at the airport we took a shuttle to the hotel, it was a little bit of a tour, but we were pretty excited. We settled into the most beautiful hotel room ever with SOFT beds and a million pillows, a HUGE flat screen TV and a really deep tub! We stayed at the Las Vegas Hilton this is a tour of an almost exact room (except we had two beds :-) It was amazing. So, Saturday night we toured our Motel and got our bearings, we had a drink in one of the many lounges (I got carded....I LOVE VEGAS!!!!), and some reeeeaaaly yummy nachos and then headed to bed.

Sunday morning we headed to the bakery Expo... It was FANTASTIC!!! These are some of the great things we saw, and tasted!!!!!

By the time we left, we were FUUUULLLL, and loaded with lots of COOL swag, baguette pens, canvas bags, information, and more! Then it was time to hit the town to see the show we were waiting for!!! We got glitzed up and headed to the Bellagio....

At the Bellagio we found the theatre, then headed out to find some dinner... NOT at the Bellagio, the prices in the motel were absolutely outragous!!! So, we hoofed it over to Caesar's Palace and found a more affordable place to eat. After dinner it was time for O. The most amazing, fantastic, stupendous show EVER!!! I can't even begin to describe it. The usher even let me talk into his walkie talkie thing!!!! After the show we walked around with our mouths open for a while, checked out the water show, headed back to the room to change our shoes and headed back out. We saw New York, New York, drank "slurpee like" beverages, walked a bit of the strip, and then called it a night, I went to bed still digesting all that I had seen.. too much to take in all at once!
The next day we hit the Expo for a while met our boss Joe and his crew (wife, daughter, and son-in-law) and hooked up with them for the remainder of the day. We spent some fantastic quality time sipping Pina Coladas by the hotel pool and then went for a fabulous dinner at a Brazilian BBQ place, it had a fancy little doodad on the table with one green end and one red end, when you wanted them to bring you meat on a sword, you left it on green, when you wanted them to stop, you turned it to red.... simple...delicious. Along with a bunch of different kinds of BBQ, they brought salad, breads, beans and all kinds of sides including plantains . After dinner we hit the town, we galavanted and caroused, If anyone says that they saw me acting unrully, they are a liar! At 3:30am I finally hit the hay, although sleep did not come easy after a few too many Red Bull's (oops). At 5:30 am we were up and off to the Grand Canyon. Although I was mighty tired I didn't regret a moment.

The Grand Canyon was all that and more. From our motel we were bussed to the airport, where we flew over Hoover Dam to the Grand Canyon. Once we were at the Grand Canyon we boarded a helicopter that flew us into the Canyon....I KNOW RIGHT!~!!!!

It was amazing. To go from blazing lights and tall buildings to the beauty of God's creation... right in the middle of it.. was freaking awesome!!! After we landed in the bowl of the Canyon, we boarded a boat for a little tour down the Columbia River. It was beautiful! I was very surprized by the color of the water, kind of like a slate milkshake, ...interesting! Then we headed to Guano Point which literally translates to "bat poo". There they served us a traditional native lunch (that had nothing to do with poo)... beef on a bun, corn on the cobb, coleslaw, and a sweet cornbread... it was fabulous, and the view was stunning! Then back to the strip for an hour or two of shopping and finally a bit of shut eye by the pool. From the pool it was straight to our plane and back home. We boarded our plane at 8:30pm, arrived in Calgary at about 1:00am and were at work by 3am. Needless to say by the end of those few days I was a bit of a narcileptic. I was hallucinating and could barely see straight, but every second of it was absolutely worth it.
*So, if you want to see all the pics they are on my space site...I know I'm a bit of a nut, but they are there if you are interested, if not, I have them recorded for posterity sake !


the walking man said...

You were in Vegas and you didn't so much as drop a few quarters into a slot machine? Bonnie that is like being in need of a shower and passing them all by.

I would call that a sin in my world, But sin is to you different then it is for me but I can feel through your words the happy time you had and that makes me happy because I can feel it in a child of God.

much Peace to your whole family


marykay said...

I LOVE VEGAS! You seemed to have a such a great time and saw a totally different side in addition to the strip! Gonna peek at your pics on myspace if I can. Enjoying your blog.

Anonymous said...

Is that a firetruck cake? Oh my! Please give me the details on that little cute thing! My 4 yr old would go absolutely crazy to have that.

wahzat!! said...

Oh your trip sounds like it truly was awesome. I want to say especially the expo, but the grand canyon and the bat poop place LOL fabulous. Glad you had a great time.