Friday, September 7, 2007

So, although I am on the fly and don't have much time I just had to tell you about these strange new creatures that have invaded my house. On a particularily warm September afternoon, just around 3:30 after a quiet day where the house remained strangely still, four smiling, bouncing, energetic creatures came through my door, I have taken to affectionatley dubbing them "the backtoschooligans". Let me take a moment and describe each of them to you, as their traits are unique to each individual beast.
backtoschooligan #1 seems to be the leader of the pack, she claims to have spent the day at a place called High School, I beilieve that must be a place that demands a little more maturity than low school, yet induces some minute bit of humility as well, perhaps because as she tells me, she is one of the youngest peers at this place a position wich is looked down upon by the elder students. She comes in the door regaling us with tales of 80 minute classes, trying to stifle a smile around her awkwardly braced teeth. She has embraced her new culture with a vengence, staying organized, keeping a positive attitude and all the while twirling around the house in various strech positions, and dance moves while listening to Miley Syrus videos on YouTube.... Strange indeed!
backtoschooligan #2 Talks non stop, it must be an aquired skill quite usefull as most elder of her Middle school. At times her prose flies by so quickly it would take a super-hero listening device to determine the exact structure and message of the verbal flyby. She is animated, noisy, smiley, and compasionate as she often has sought out others less blessed by the social "butterflieness" she possesses. I'm not sure if any work actually happens at this place she calls middle school as most of the verbal excitement (that I can understand) includes stories of friends, teachers lives, plans for socializing, clothes, plans for clothes and back to friends again... these subjects repeat with great frequency and varied volume throughout the afternoon and evening until she finally colapses into her bed at night.
backtoschooligan #3 Is a little more subdued although he also regales us with tales of the middle school. He is quite enamored with this woman he calls "teacher" perhaps it is a bit of a crush. "Our class is getting a bird", "she raises dogs", "she has a chart on the board", "she lives next door to Carson", are phrases that repeat over and over with a slight sly grin. He is energetic, and enjoying his time at this place called middle school also telling us about cross country teams, and intramurals, oportunities to build friendships, enhance skills, and bleed money out of us like stuck pigs, but we love it. Often backtoschoolagin #3 disapears for hours on end to bike, hang out at friend's houses, get slurpees, and play ball in the drive way, nevertheless he always returns in time to torment backtoschooligan #1 to some degree.
backtoschooligan #4 Is a little more tempermental, he enjoys his new playschool, the beginning of this school journey as long as his mother is within arms reach. If she disapears from his line of vision he responds with whining, crying, gnashing of teeth, yelling, kicking and more heart wrenching tears. I watch this scene as little as possible as tears blur my vision. Tears still fresh from leaving backtoschooligan #1 at a place where the boys aka. men have facial hair and drive themselves to school. These transitions are fun, but they are tough!!! Once home backtoschooligan #4 is hesitant to show the picture he painted or admit the fun he had doing puzzles, playing in the water table, the dool house, the play house, drawing pictures etc. although I am aware that he has done these things with great enthusiasm when not too many were paying attention.

All in all these are quite enjoyable creatures and I think I'll keep them. Their feeding is relatively simple, their care is enjoyable, and they give FANTASTIC hugs, I just hope they don't sprout wings toooooo fast, because I don't know if the gutters can handle my tears, super proud, yet nostalgic! Hope you're all enjoying this new phase as much as I. Now, I'm late for work, no time for spell check... SORRY ! and tomorrow is VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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the walking man said...

Enjoy it now Bonnie, because when they are still thirty and asking for a "loan" it is a bit more wearisome, but none the less enables you to provide for your graduatedcollegeigans.