Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday night at the movies.

What a week, completely uneventfull, yet things seem to fly by tickety boo. I seem to have encountered a little bit of writers block, many of my thoughts during the day start out with phrases like "I should blog about that..." or "that would be funny to put on my blog", yet once I sit myself down after all the chores are done, I can barely muster the energy or creativity to write anything. Nevertheless, tonite I must put an end to the quiet, I will write.. creative or boring, drivel or schmivel, I will put a few thoughts into words, really... just for posterity sake. In true Bonnie form, I thought I should write a list although today my list is going to be completely random, hopefully it will give me direction for my blogging future, I can't bear to post another recipie.. besides tonites dinner was a big failure... but I'll get to that later.
Bonnie's top 10 random list of what is going on in her head while the kids are watching a movie we just rented at blockbuster.

1. Taylor just got her first job and we are SOOOO proud of her. I think she has recieved "the lecture" about working hard, staying busy and giving it your hundred and ten percent, about a million times. Each time I get the same exasperated response... teenage eyeroll, followed by teenage hand on the hip, followed by "I know mom!!!" "well, I'm just sayin'!" She is working at Dairy Queen, and day one was a huge success, I'd say it's a close second to the bakery, icecream, chocolate, burgers, and fries... I think I should spy on her often.
2. Why did we just start watching a movie at 10pm... I'm a bad mother.
3. Ben asked to go to sunday school tomorrow... not got coerced into it, not got bribed into it... really asked... of course it's the same sunday Taylor is "running for the cure".. why are things always so complicated, and why did my "Jones soda" say "Now is the time to set priorities"... what are they trying to say????
4. Why do I keep exploding over nothing??? I'm pretty sure it wasn't a personal insult when someone left a cup in the sink, nor did they mean to scorn me when they started arguing... my fuse is as short as... well... me! Crazy! a 5ft. 2 fuse, ridiculous.
5. Does anyone know how much I loveeeeee a kid snuggle?
6. Why did our dinner which I meticulously planned... Mahogany Beef stew, horseradish mashed potatoes, salad and garlic cheese buns, taste like cakapooy? I was pretty excited I cooked with wine and parsnips, I even used wine from Chile, because I figured Chilli and Stew are kind of similar... guess not, it sucked!
7. Why has J worked for 36 hours straight two times this week between taxi and ambulance... I love J, I miss him!
8. Ben says "do you know what fantastic 4 is about?" I think they might be wasp fighting maniacs. Ben stepped into a wasp's nest this week and got horribly stung. Luckily he recovered quickly .. physically, that is. As for the fact that he runs screaming everytime he sees a flying "bug"... I hope the trauma abates soon!
9. I'm reading a book called "A good house" Sometimes I feel like my house is good... other times, I'm not so sure... family and life is hard work!
10. At the bakery yesterday we made 2 salads for 100ppl, fried mushrooms, onions and fresh tomatoes, and lettuce all for 100ppl, and Dressing for a turkey dinner for 500ppl. I love turkey, I'm pretty excited about thanksgiving next weekend!
11. Mom and dad arrive home from their big vacation this week, I really miss them!
12. I guess I'm over 10 on my list now, so I'm going to snuggle under my flannel blanket and read myself into peacefull slumber... gnite! by the way, does anyone want some leftover "mahogany stew" ????


the walking man said...

No thanks on the stew i have all the outside wood varnished already.

Truth Bonnie sounds like you got what you wanted, a hard working old man, a few crazy kids and a teen ager to boot.

Hah haha ha ahaha ahaha lmao she is just the first one to go through the anthropomorphic process from human child to alien creature then at 20 or so back to human.



wahzat!! said...

I wish you could answer the #4, because then maybe i could get the answer as to why it happens to me.

Congrats to Taylor on her new Job.

Hope your family has recovered from their bug.
I think is so cool how much you love your job!!
keep good