Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Menu:

Tarragon Roasted Salmon with Sour Cream Dill Sauce

Wild Rice

Spinach and Gouda Stuffed Chicken

Roasted Garlic Potatoes and Onions

Sesame Mandarin Spinach Salad

Japaneese Cabbage Salald

I tell you it is really nice to start work once the sun is already up. Today since we were catering a wedding through the bakery I started work at 9am as opposed to 3am. Wow!! I feel like a million bucks! The wedding was outside and all the dishes were disposable. The bride's sister was taking care of dessert, therefore, once the items listed above were consumed we were out of there. Not only did I get to be a good employee, by feeding the natives and satisfying their gourmet palates, but also I was home by 8pm - I may have heard tell that I am not surpassing the mark as complete failure on the mother front. It is amazing how two days home from holidays and I'm convinced that I am forever going to be confined to mother-guilt purgatory for the rest of my life. Who said juggling work and home were easy???? Today though, when I came home, the house was in a relative state of assembledness (?), and the children were waiting with fantastic tales of Settler's Days activities.

Today is the day our town celebrates it's.....uniqueness, settlerness??(hmmm), well , I'm not really sure, mostly I think it's an excuse for the adults to act like children, and the children to run into the streets chasing after candy.

J drove the rescue truck in the parade..........HOT!!! The children are still regaling me with tales of magic shows, candy, balloon animals, and face paint. Have I mentioned what awesome big sibblings Ben has??? All in all, it has been a fantastic day all around, I shall snuggle all children to their respective degrees of boundaries :-) and go to bed satisfied. Tomorrow am is a community worship service which should be fun for all. After that we are having some company over for a bonfire. Mostly people that J knows from the fire department, and some other friends so... if you are up for a wienie roast... come on over!!!

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