Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Proud Mama

Every now and then we have those moments with our children when we just sit back and smile! Today I was going to a movie with a friend and because of circumstances, T#1 was going to come along and enjoy the fun. I asked T#2 to babysit her brother (she had already been doing just that for the better part of the day), and in return I offered to take her to a movie with a friend on the weekend. She agreed without complaining and we had a really fun evening. Upon my return home T#2 asked me if it was alright if she invited her sister instead of a friend, because she knew that her sister was really dying to go see Nancy Drew. Can you believe that??? She wants to take her sister who already went to a movie!!! It's unbelievable no arguing, no... it's not fairing... just plain sharing and consideratness (is that a word???) Who knows. Anyhow, I am proud of her! Nice Job Bear! I think I'll pitch in for popcorn too!!!

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wahzat!! said...

Oh this is really too sweet for words. your heart must have overfloweth with love.
Have a great weekend