Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What's for Dinner???

As I sit here contemplating dinner, I find it easiest to do that which I seem to do best.... procrastinate. Such an evil sounding word really. In a kinder society we'd employ a much more user friendly term like... say... defer. "I prefer to defer my decisions regarding dinner until such time as someone sees fit to cook it for me :-)" I find it absolutely amazing how many things I can find to occupy my time, when all the while the essential task which I am "defering" sits idly by and glares at me, daring me to dismiss it for just one more minute.... dinner.
Since our return from vacation, no one in our house has been grocery shopping, I mean really shopping. We've made numerous trips to the store for bread, milk, eggs, and other various staples. For crying out loud, I do work next to a grocery store. Nevertheless, the situation is so dire that I may begin keeping company with Old Mother Hubbard.... So, Dinner.
I have scrounged from the bowels of my freezer a margerine container filled with bite size pieces of Roast beef (slightly freezer burnt, but let's remember we're feeding a man and children... they come from pretty hearty stock, and not usually to fussy). This chopped concoction, I have managed to put in the microwave on the defrost setting. All the while, checking my e-mail, listening to stories of skating camp, looking up random words in a thesaurus, and organizing the mass of dirty dishes that have miraculously appeared on my counter since I left for work this am... not to shabby... but hmmm.... dinner.
Yesterday while making a visit to my parents house my mom bestowed upon me a bag of leftover, slightly shriveled peppers... "Aha! She exclaimed (not outloud mind you,) a girl wise enough to appreciate this gift of prehistoric peppers, and fool enough to thank me profusely." Score one for grandma. So.... beef, peppers..... blogging?... dinner.
Well, back to digging... hmmm in the dark receptacles of my cupboard, I have come accross a bargain!!!! That's right, you heard me... A FREAKIN BARGIN! I have found the largest ever (ever-so-slightly dented) can of stewed tomatoes, with this simple, yet elegant marking in black jiffy marker accross the top of the can...... .85 ! It is unbelieveable, as a vote of affirmation for my bargain hunting husband who never leaves a can unturned in a discount bin, the tomatoes must be added... did I mention we have a pan now, containing, peppers in various states of witheredness, meat (presumably, but not positively beef), bargain stewed tomatoes, a lone package of onion soup mix and some water.... I'm experiencing a slight perk in my nasal passages, is that, do I detect, could it be.....the quite savory aroma of.... dinner.
Who knows! No time for that now, there is a crisis! Our neighbor who I will call McKinely has informed our 4 year old that he will one day die. What kind of lemonade stand talk is that? One minute they are sitting sweetly on the corner pawning off stolen goods from my already dry cupboards to strangers for a quarter and now this..... a theological discourse including much whinning, crying and gnashing of teeth debating intense subjects such as life expectancy, and the afterlife. Time to snuggle and stir... oops, doorbell!
It is now 4:52 J will be home at 5 and expect dinner on the table. I have accomplished: "Rice, Reddish stuff in a pan including peppers (surprisingly crisp - which I really should have browned, and greens from the garden. All the while, blogging, door answering (silly 13 year old boys who pretend they have the wrong house when the 13 year old female does not magically appear ;-) Do I look like I was born yesterday????, discussing theology with neighborhood children, considering sweeping... yes, I did say considering, or possibly... defering. Nevertheless, it seems like the time is imminent, I can defer no longer, Well, I suppose it's time to enlist the troops! "Kids, please set the table... you do want to attend that sleepover right????" (tee hee bribery always works), oops... 4:58 gotta run...... DINNER!

Deliciously Defered Pepper Steak

Fresh Roast beef slivered or leftover from the depths of your freezer. - 1 lb
3 or 4 colored Peppers or Capsicums if you're fancy :-)
Onion and Garlic - if you have it.
Stir fry these ingredients and add...
One Package of Onion soup mix
One Large can of Stewed tomatoes and water to consistency
serve over rice and call the troops!
I must admit we ate on disposable plates and clean up is over.... everyone raved.... Watch out Martha, here I come......

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I like that. I defer a lot of stuff too. Like laundry. And dinner.