Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Well, here I am with an update on our week so far. Things I've done and moments I've cherished. Swimming, swimming and more swimming. B is now treading water and yesterday in the pool he told me quite demurely that he has 26 secrets. Not 25, not 27, but 26... don't worry though, I've been working on him. C is hanging out with Z getting into trouble, yesterday we went to the big pool up at the top and everyone got sufficiently sunburned. Today we had all the cousins over for Roll Kuchen and watermelon. Last night we played mini golf and aside from one teenage tantrum it was a fairly successful event. Really, there is not a whole lot to report. C's golf game is getting quite good, and T#1 golfed for the first time ever. T#2 is having a ball running around in her bikini with a really skinned nose. The first nite here in the pool she swam into the wall :-) Well, she's maybe not the most co-ordinated, but cute still.... Anyhow, I must run 2 min. left on the clock to post! I'll let everyone know soon how the HYH Challenge is going... easy this week ;-) So... Cheers from Fairmont!