Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Road Trip 2007 - The Journey to Bio land and beyond!

Mom's super thorough Checklist

1. Valium

2. Vehicle washed and vacumed on the inside - yes, the sticky parts too! (by the way -- what is that chunky stuff under the seat....EWWWW!)

3. Hotel Reservations made

4. Itinerary Planned

5. Packing Checklists for the kids

6. Earplugs

7. Activities for the kids - eg. books, movies, games, valium.... (WHAT????)

8. Extra blankets, pillows, yadda yadda, because you know we will exceed any hotel occupant limit on our room!

9. Vehicle once over - Gas, oil, thingamabobs, thingamadooeys... maybe I should just leave that one to the Boy.

10. Valium

Well, I think we are almost set. 2 more days and we are off to HP for Lance and Denises' wedding. Everyone at our house is pretty excited. This will be a very unique trip for everyone, for those of you that are new to our lives and have entered mid story, I will give you a brief synopsis... Chapter One: I was adopted at 5 months into the most fantastic family ever. I have since lived Happily Ever After. (tee hee - O.K really I'm a poop, but my mom and dad are fantastic and put up with me!) for more thoughts on adoption and the boring story of "me" check this out http://bonnielc.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!92962B453FD4F471!130.entry

Chapter 2 : Quite a few years ago I met my birth mother... CAROL (tada). A fantastic lady whom I am priviledged to have gotten to know over the past few years, and am lucky to call my friend. Also, I now have someone to blame for any bad genes I may come accross:-)

Chapter 3: This past year, through internet contacts I found out that my birth father (who is unfortunately deceased) had two other children. One of which I have come to know and forge a friendship with... honestly, I've completely fallen for his entire family. They are funny, sweet, thoughtful, and kind, and...they are getting married this weekend! I'm pretty excited!

Chapter 4: We are going to HP... way up in northern Alberta for Lance and Denise's wedding. Here we will meet many relatives from both sides that we have never met before. We will stay with my "birth-maternal-grandmother" (how's that for a title?). We will meet aunts, uncles, cousins etc. and quite frankly I have no idea how to feel, I am nervous, excited, nervous, anxious, excited and maybe a bit nervous. We have toyed with the idea of this trip for years, knowing it would mean alot to a few people, but not knowing how the kids would handle it and stuff, nevertheless the time has come. We decided to put all of our talk into action when Lance and Denise anounced their wedding. So... off we will go. I hope all of the reactions to our arrival will be positive, I hope everyone realizes that we have no intention of getting in the way or changing things in their family.. I hope no one feels threatened by our presence at the wedding or is overwhelmed by having us at their house:-) Nevertheless, the kids are home from their haircuts, all groomed and ready to go, the motel is booked, and I think the four year old is climbing the walls, so.... I should run! Wish me luck only 2 days to put this plan into action!

Hopefully C has better luck this time with the music choices :-)

P.S. Any road trip activity suggestions or Movie choices to suit ages 4-13 are welcome, welcome, welcome!!!!

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